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AI Assessment & Strategy Center.

Stallion’s AI Readiness Assessment (AIRA) helps organizations to assess their AI, data and infrastructure readiness to establish a customized AI and data roadmap for feasible and impactful future projects and initiatives.
This is the first step towards AI-driven digital transformation for any enterprise in the public or private sector.

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Top organizations crafted their AI strategies with Stallion AI Group

The World’s First AI

A digital network of AI Citizen students, professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and organizations who want to become part of the new digital AI world.
Aiqom’s mission is to empower 10 million AI Citizens by 2025.

Become an AI Citizen

AI Academy

Multi-lingual programs and courses that range from the essentials of Professional and AI Leadership programs to technical Deep Learning & Data Science skills’ track and career paths. The courses cater to everyone including students, professionals and entrepreneurs regardless of whether they are developers or non-coders!

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Virtual AI Lab

The world’s first multi-lingual community-driven virtual AI Lab. A simple yet powerful code-free AI Lab that enables everyone to create, experiment, deploy and explore AI models and applications to solve real-life problems.

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Connect, learn and interact with AI twins of real people and great human minds from the present and past, any time

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Managing Wealth with
Deep AI

Investifai applies the latest advances in artificial intelligence research to build dynamic, responsive investment portfolios.

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Custom AI

We help governments, organizations and startups to build complex AI solutions across different industries including finance, education, defense, healthcare, smart cities, oil and gas.

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A Non-Technical encyclopedic guide to becoming a responsible AI Citizen. Get your copy of the book today.


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Stallion AI’s team of AI experts and data scientists customized their Investifai product to manage our customer investment portfolios to deliver higher risk adjusted returns than our current investment products. Their Investifai product is currently managing our portfolios without intensive human involvement!


Stallion AI’s unique AI Readiness Assessment and AIQOM’s Enterprise Hub helped our Ministry to assess our organization’s skills, data, infrastructure, processes and policies in a short period and at scale. This helped us to craft a 3-year roadmap with a list of high impact and feasible AI projects


Stallion AI is exceptional at all what they do. From capacity building to assessment and strategy to AI products and solutions. Stallion’s team has helped several Dubai Government entities in their mission to transform into AI-first government organizations during the past several years.


Stallion AI and their leadership team keep pushing the boundaries in the AI Space. We partnered with Stallion on many initiatives that empower young students and entrepreneurs. This is how we have transformed our university into an innovative, intelligent and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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